New Year New Me. My gluten free journey

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“It’s going to be easy” Said no one EVER

Okay guys its be over 2 weeks and I am dying over here! Seeings I have four older brothers who literally sit in front of me every moment they can and eat every possible snack that I use to throughly enjoy makes me want to give up. But then I think back to this blog and all the people hopefully reading this so thanks for keeping me motivated!

Now don’t get me wrong I never thought this was going to be easy but I also never thought it was going to be this hard! I am hoping that once I am back to school and meals are somewhat prepared for me I will be able to continue on this journey. Does anyone out there in cyber world have any tips or suggestions on how to stay strong when the going gets tough on this gluten-free journey of mine? If you do please help a sister out because let me tell you I need it!

One thing I have noticed thus far is that I don’t feel so sluggish when I wake up in the morning. Its like my alarm goes off at 4:15 and I am up and out of my bed by 4:16. Its nice but it also kind of stinks because now it takes me a half hour to get ready so I am either early to work, which is the worst, or I am sitting at the kitchen table bored out of my mind. Just to fill you guys in on my summer and winter breaks I work for the Massachusetts Turnpike. Let’s just say its the Best worst job out there and I see lots of interesting people. But the good thing about this job is that you’re not supposed to eat out at your booth so there is no snacking for this one only the snacks I bring for during my break which seems to help. All I can say is hopefully this if rumor about doing something for 3 months will make it habit is true or I don’t know what I am going to do!

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Knots


A German in Seattle

DSC_0247I’ve heard about “Gluten Free”, I’ve seen gluten free products but I have never tasted them – that’s until a couple of weeks ago when I took on the challenge to bake gluten free cinnamon rolls. I say “Challenge” because I’ve heard some of my not so gluten tolerating friends comment about their breads and desserts and it sounded like gluten free breads and desserts are not the cats meow. Since I really only know how my own gluten free product(s) taste I think I will go on a little excursion this Saturday and buy a couple gluten free breads and sweets so that I can compare my products to the pro’s.

I was told though by my friends 16 year old gluten intolerant daughter that she would pay $4 for one of my cinnamon rolls (well they are cinnamon knots, not really rolls). I thought if a teenager would…

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And so it begins…..

Like the rest of the world I have made a list of resolutions for 2014. My resolutions range from getting better grades all the way to being gluten-free (the purpose behind this blog). But unlike the majority of the world I want to stick to my resolutions and I want to actually do what I say I am going to do. I am hoping by writing a blog I will be able to keep myself motivated!

Becoming gluten-free has become some what of a fad and my family asked why in the world I would do this considering I am not gluten-intolerant. My response, I don’t feel so run down and sluggish compared to when I eat gluten. So I have begun my hopefully 365 day journey on becoming gluten-free. 

So after many weeks of research on the types of food I can and cannot eat January 1 finally came knocking on my door. The first thing I decided to do was go on a cleanse and not one of those ones where you can’t eat for a week but one that involves drinking a tea two times a day and eating mainly fruits and vegetables. I figured this would make the transition easier since I wouldn’t be eating gluten anyway.  Unfortunately the cleanse took longer to arrive than I thought so I am only on my second day of cleansing but I am on my 7th day of gluten-free eating! So wish me luck as I make this transformation from a gluten guzzling freak to a non-gluten eating healthier person!!